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Drumset, drumset drum machine.
thenotessection performances featuring the drum at hotel utah on a THURSDAY.

I'm going to do a GBON style set, not the normal Dennydennybreakfast. For those of you that know what I mean when I say 'GBON', that's what I'm going to do, I'm going to do a GBON set, but I'm still going to be calling it dennydennybreakfast as usual. This will feature Will Northlich-Redmond on the guitar as an unusual addition to the GBON style performance.

We will also be having the please of a performance from Moe! Staiano doing something that Moe does. If you don't know Moe's particular style of playing than you should definately check it. Andrew Maguire was just telling me about a performance he saw Moe do where he used tape to play a floor tom and it was suprisingly resonant and he was able to make all of these very interesting sounds and textures with it. I'm not saying that Moe is going to do a floor tom & tape set, (also..not saying he isn't...I don't actually know what Moe will do) but all I'm really saying is that if Moe can float Andrew's boat than perhaps you should consider just checking it out.

And then we have Matthew. Better known by his electronic music acronym WAKE. Just kidding, it's not an acronym.. or am I..... 
Matt "Wake" Hettich has been known to do a number on a rig of drum machines and the like. I mean I've seen it plenty of times of course. There is not quite anyone quite as elegant on the buttons and levers that I know personally. 
"it's always a treat to get to have a seat and experience a week of non-stop meat." - (dream version) Matt (not actually said)

DDB http://
Wake http://
Thu, May 11, 2017
8:00 pm - $10.00 event/ 1469090-dennydennybreakfast -moe-san-francisco/

Hotel Utah
500 4th Street
San Francisco, CA, 94107

Thank you for your time!

Please visit my bandcamp music site!! You can stream or download AS NEEEDED.

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What are Chekere?

The Chekere are musical instruments. They consist of a dried gourd plant that is cut open and hollowed out, with a woven net of beads around it. They are generally played by shaking the net of beads as well as hitting the gourd to produce a tone.

Over the last 5 years, I have been engaged in making these instruments almost constantly. I have made about 30 or so really good ones!

Here are some photos of chekeres that I made:
Set One
Set Two

click here to see the wikipedia article on Shekere/Chekere

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1 is the reaching up
2 looks like a two kinda curled up a bit
3 flat wall
4 pressings downsies
5 the inseems thumbs are real important and insies outsies
6 side scrape stretch
7 foot foot telephone foot
8 upside down

The pictures in the background are scanned images of my favorite shirt
It is a rollin' stone shirt from the vodoo lounge tour. betcha dint care about that.


Greetings and salutations, yu'll fierce nightmare persons! This is the Void Room. Well, it’s not really much of a room at all, huh??? Wait can y'all hear me good? hang on.... More like a prison in here I'd say. ¿What’s up with that? I guess that also explains why my dragons are dressed up like whales! Well, and this is gonna sound nuts, but beer with me here, but I think this place is a reflection of itself; you haven’t been doing anything much, have you? Ohh, maybe y'all is one of those nasty particles who starts disappearing from existence and reappearing online after some major supercollider does it's thang and rants about how humans have evolved from the future versions of themselve... I should hope not, otherwise my dang problems would have no end and I would have to administer some music. Kinda of an ironic punishment, considering. Just kidding! Besides, we can’t be all that bad, since you were chosen by good ol’ A.I. Philharmonic Jimmy to be the wildcard variable in this sequence. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself! The name’s ........


What the heck do you mean?
A man was hired to respond to the problems... he needed to get the mustard out of his hair.
when he arrived in the small, he realized this was going to be difficult
he couldn't find the weapons he was looking for
the logic did not work out.

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