The Main Point

Hello! Seriously, There are 2 major serious things coming up.

I am doing an event called Extra-Life where I am going to be streaming myself making music for 24 hours without stopping on TWITCH. The purpose of Extra-Life is to raise money for Children's Hospital Network. Please help me by donating here. There are a variety of benifits to donating that are described on the site. This streaming event is starting on NOVEMBER 5th at 9am and lasts until NOVEMBER 6th at 9am.

Next week there is the BJORK SHOW at the independent. Please come. Just come over. Check it out. I have a cast of thousands and billions. I can guarentee fast drum patterns. Here's the event on facebook.!!!

Please visit my bandcamp music site!! You can stream or download AS NEEEDED.

Head on over to for some exciting news!(yes, I DO think so)
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Contact: Jim for deets

What are Chekere?

The Chekere are musical instruments. They consist of a dried gourd plant that is cut open and hollowed out, with a woven net of beads around it. They are generally played by shaking the net of beads as well as hitting the gourd to produce a tone.

Over the last 5 years, I have been engaged in making these instruments almost constantly. I have made about 30 or so really good ones!

Here are some photos of chekeres that I made:
Set One
Set Two

click here to see the wikipedia article on Shekere/Chekere

Links to Other Things

Hello, my suggestion to you is to first GO HERE!!!!!

You should know about the band "tfpp". has "all the details".

Click HERE to listen to the Playlist of demos on my soundcloud account.

(Bandmusic)viruskitten is a noise band. But that's not really

I have a youtube page. A bunch of crap is there.
I have a VIMEO page. A bunch of crap is also there.

I have e a tumblr page. It has all kinds of stuff on it. Feel Free:

If you are interested in music that was made in high school check out Divention!The music is poorly composed, sloppily performed, terribly mixed: has some older old stuff.


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The pictures in the background are scanned images of my favorite shirt
It is a rollin' stone shirt from the vodoo lounge tour. betcha dint care about that.



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