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trad plubming


I have +2 Magic buff from my staff and +1 from the wizard hat. Also I think my armor gives me +2 defense.

Why not? Are you not enjoying yourself? Just close the browser or simply turn off your device.

I'm gonna delete your files if you don't shut up

We desperately grasp at the river, our brand, in child-like attempts to capture it. Our brand rushes between the cracks of our fingers into the past, and yet we grasp again, attempting to snapshot ourselves for stability. But we are not stable, and we cannot be snapshots. It is the nature of the river to reinvent itself. To drift with your brand is to drift into obscurity and staleness. We ultimately become our brand through acceptance that our brand is not frozen. In this way I must accept my own change, my new url, and cast aside this facade that I am static. We all flow like a river. Whether or not we can accept that change is up to you.

Contact: Jim for deets

Negative on the Pregnoid

I just received file for one: "Important C. Pasta"
Please find attached for that file.
oh I've a good one:
The iphone/ipad of the ceremony rings beyond walls of wet stone. Your bare feet on red sand peak out beneath stupid bath robes. Push messages sway among the pillars of the stone circle. The incoming message song spirals up towards the night sky.
The ring tones move in pulsating patterns and combine to form the bird of light. It swoops down from it's celestial home in the cloud to push it's messages into the feed, it stares into your soul before it put it's head under the wings of it's front facing camera and drowns in the sands of audio sync. A tiny finger cymbal echos EXTREMELY LOUDLY between the monolithic stone pillars as the voices in your die down. The download speeds are gone, only their empty 404s left behind. You stand alone under a night sky drained of access to netflix originals, pure blackness.
people are always doing raps about sippin' bacardi.... but also about don perignon and hennessy in this same context. But really the price point here or more importantly the relative value of showing your wealth is drastically off. Don Perignon is quite pricey as is hennesy, but you can buy like 10 galloons of bacardi at costco for like 5 american dollars.
My grave site will be placed on the sunny side of a hill and my tombstone shall be equipped with a large solar panel. The solar panel will fund a Hewlett-Packard laptop purchased used in 2005 that will rest open on the chest of my corpse. I will have some knock-off brand of ear buds placed expertly and delicately in my dead ears and the song "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi Featuring Daddy Yankee (the version with NOT Justin Beaver!) will play on loop endlessly for all of eternity. (the HP laptop should have an extra large battery so that it can survive through the heat death of the universe)
Also, while I'm on this topic, I literally CANNOT wait until Justin Beiber has a beautiful family of 5 golden children, each with a voice more harmonious and breathtaking than the next and they perform every Sunday early-evening singing biebershop quintets together and they are named the Biebettes.
Dont you zlidolow blexiiziky in this text,
Oh, the almighty Jabba
Gurgling and writhing
Struggling to breathe
Just barely surviving
Now cower in fear
The end is drawing near
Just pray you will never become his new entertainment or panicked feast

The Chekere are musical instruments. They consist of a dried gourd plant that is cut open and hollowed out, with a woven net of beads around it. They are generally played by shaking the net of beads as well as hitting the gourd to produce a tone.

Over the last many years, I have been engaged in making these instruments almost constantly. I have made about 30 or so really good ones!

Here are some photos of chekeres that I made:
Set One
Set Two

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Hello, my suggestion to you is to first GO HERE!!!!!

Unfortunately, do you hear my email? expect you to write back. Unfortunately, until I bleached my hair, I will lose my music recording contract. I have to put my name aside, It's a lie that's still love this music scene. Be broken but you do not know why, You do not want to cont inue this email thread, but it is now. You do not promise, It's just as good as proof. You respond to me for another time. Just snap two out of those who have been, It's my life. I'm sorry Kangmas, I'm so funny. I cry, and out of white blood. Day after day has not passed, if that is the way it should be strong. Just like making a porridge, but this affliction will not fade. I'm really sorry I really emailed you, there's no other that can be your boss. Have your iphone fit in your pocket, until my heart screamed in your heart. oops sorry... that was my cat on the keyboard
well pickles is out somewhere in texas working for a publisher that primarily deals with podcasts and her godmother megan is so proud, and lil leasy just joined the band jute gyte is going to be doing vocals in an opening band slot for the summer slaughter tour in 2018
(QuickTime player works fine for this I think).
The delicate sounds of a group of people eating pizza in complete silence.
an application hauntingly continues to work normally LONG after your free trial has expired
You see a trailer for a movie coming in the summer of 2018 that have a vague memory of seeing in the theatres in 2015
You are a lion hunting your prey, and you discover only after capturing your prey that you have only caught the tail of a larger beast that turns out to be yourself.
Leasy did taught me, but what I have I really learned? Have I fully understood Leasy's lessons? Could I pass a multiple choice test based on the materials that Leasy has presented?
What are the same things that you want a ride to the gods is coming into town this week?
What about coffee and George to ensure that you have extra breakfast food by chance have been the areas close to boulder much information about you think the next desert trip will be graduating in boulder since last June to meet you at least once more before the canyon starts near future of work for the invite


You should know about the band "tfpp".
tfpp.net has "all the details".https://ftpp.bandcamp.com/

oh yeah?


"You can't autotune a kiss"

I got some feedback on Tuesday's poker night and I just want to send this out to everyone just make sure we all understand the etiquette. Tuesday, herself, will be there in person for the next one and I don't want any "unfortunate accidents".

1 is the reaching up
2 looks like a two kinda curled up a bit
3 flat wall
4 pressings downsies
5 the inseems thumbs are real important and insies outsies
6 side scrape stretch
7 foot foot telephone foot
8 upside down

The pictures in the background are scanned images of my favorite shirt
It is a rollin' stone shirt from the vodoo lounge tour. betcha dint care about that.

anyone on this thread?

Leonard Bernsteinbecks German LaGuerrilla Marketing
Taylor Swiffer Duster Buster Posies, Ashes, Ashes We all fall the downward spiral pasta maker
Teh Ring around the rosies, pocket full of Buster Posies, Ashes, Ashes, we all fall the downward sprial
Gwar gumMo Money mo problem child's Playstation 401Kasey Jones and The Temple of Doomsday Clockwork Orange Is the new Blackhole Sundance Film Festivus for the Rest of U.S.S.R.E.M. Night ShyamaLane Bryan Adams Apple of Sodom and GomorRah-Rah-Raw Food Diet Pills-Bury Me At Wounded Knee Replacement Surgery.
Cadmium Easter Bunny
Dennis the menace II socieT-pains me to say it ain't so whatsappboy and his boba: trouble on bobalonia
Disney's MoAna Kendrick Lamar a lago, go gadJetsons of anarchy in the UKMart
Leonard CoHenry RolLindsay LoHan SoLorenzo LaMaseraTy Dolla "Signs" starring Mel Gibson Les Paul Wes Anderson Cooperstown New Thom Yorke album???
Luke Bryan AdamSandLeroyJenKinsey Scale
Luke Skywalker Texas Ranger Rick Warren Buffet: all you can eat the Rich Dad Poor Dad
Major League of Legends of the Fall Out Boy George Harrison Ford Model T-Paint By Numbers

Greetings and salutations, yu'll fierce nightmare persons! This is the Void Room. Well, it’s not really much of a room at all, huh??? Wait can y'all hear me good? hang on.... More like a prison in here I'd say. ¿What’s up with that? I guess that also explains why my dragons are dressed up like whales! Well, and this is gonna sound nuts, but beer with me here, but I think this place is a reflection of itself; you haven’t been doing anything much, have you? Ohh, maybe y'all is one of those nasty particles who starts disappearing from existence and reappearing online after some major supercollider does it's thang and rants about how humans have evolved from the future versions of themselve... I should hope not, otherwise my dang problems would have no end and I would have to administer some music. Kinda of an ironic punishment, considering. Just kidding! Besides, we can’t be all that bad, since you were chosen by good ol’ A.I. Philharmonic Jimmy to be the wildcard variable in this sequence. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself! The name’s ........


I'm a professional gamer

What the heck do you mean?
A man was hired to respond to the problems... he needed to get the mustard out of his hair.
when he arrived in the small, he realized this was going to be difficult
he couldn't find the weapons he was looking for
the logic did not work out.

This is one off the books for now.

Angry face
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